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At Any Time, from almost 
Anywhere in the World 

Know Where They Are

When you’re not with
the Ones You Love

Have Peace of Mind

GPS Child Tracker

GPS Senior Tracker

GPS Pet Tracker

3G GPS Vehicle Tracker

If you love it,
Locate it


View PocketFinder location on Google Maps™
using a smartphone, tablet or computer


Get alerts when PocketFinder goes in or out
of geo-fence zones


See where PocketFinder is going, or where it has been
– up to the last 60-days

Safety is Key

PocketFinder GPS Trackers are ideal for active families with school-age children, flight-risk seniors, pets who occasionally get loose, and teenage drivers who may need monitoring. It’s all about having peace of mind when you’re not there with them.
Knowing where your loved ones are will help you keep them safe from harm.

PocketFinder also helps you track and monitor where they are within less than 10-feet, with updates as frequently as every 2-minutes.

PocketFinder Key Features



PocketFinder Dimensions:
Width: 2” Height: 2.6” Depth: 0.875”

  • GPS Location

    See their location on Google Maps using a smartphone, tablet, & computer.

  • Tracking

    PocketFinder location is updated as frequently as every 2-minutes.

  • Geo-Fences

    Easily create an unlimited number of virtual safe zones or “Geo Fences” using the pocketfinder App.

  • Low Battery Alert

    PocketFinder has the ability to set your own power level in the app for when you want to be notified to charge your battery.

  • Speed Alerts

    You will be alerted when PocketFinder exceeds the speed limit you have set.

  • S.O.S Signal

    Your loved ones can send a S.O.S signal by tapping the unit against a solid surface 3 times.

More Questions About PocketFinder?

See our “How It Works” Page for more details on how we protect your loved ones!