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Activate My Device

Account Creation and New Activation

Below are the step-by step instructions for activating your new device. Once Support sees your new activation process, they will reach out with additional details and instructions so you can start tracking ASAP.

If you have any questions during this process or run into any trouble, please contact Support for assistance.

If you are a current customer looking to reactivate, please reach out to Support first to ensure a proper reactivation.

To get started, Click this link to the Activation page or Click the Activate button located under the PocketFinder logo on our Website homepage.

Step 1: Complete the Account Form

To create a new account enter the email address you would like to use as your new account “log in” Username and a Password for your account.

NOTE: Your privacy is extremely important to us and Secret Questions help us keep your account information and privacy secure.

Step 2: Payment Options

Enter Payment Information you would like to use for the subscription on your new device.

Step 3: Activate Your Device

  • Select your device type – (Personal, Wired Vehicle, or Teen Driver)
  • Select desired service plan
  • Enter your ACTIVATION CODE***
  • Click “Activate Device and Plan”
  • If you need to activate more than one device, Click the blue “Add an Additional Device” button
  • Click “Next”

***Activation Codes are found on the back of the device as well as the box.

“Teen Driver” (IMEI): Activation Code begins with “3”

LTE Smart Tracker Personal (IMEI): Activation Code begins with “911”

Vehicle (IMEI): If you vehicle tracker does not have an ESN number on the sticker, use the IMEI that begins with “3”

Vehicle (ESN): ESN begins with “127”, “136”, “216”, “213”. Please note only “127” will work in the US; all others international only.

3G PF+ Personal (IMEI): Activation code begins with “3”. Please note this device will only work internationally.

2G Personal Original: Unique 9 digit code. Please note this device will only work internationally.