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CA1150 Wired Vehicle Tracker User Guide

CA1150 Wired Vehicle Tracker User Guide #

The CA1150 Vehicle Tracker has 2 LEDs and ESN Code on the sticker. If your device has 3 LEDs and no ESN, please review the AL11 Vehicle Model.

If the ESN begins with “127” this is an LTE Vehicle Tracker.

If the ESN begins with “136” or “216” this is a 3G Vehicle Tracker and is no longer viable in the US.

If the ESN begins with “213” this is a 2G Vehicle Tracker and is no longer viable in the US.


The PocketFinder CA1150 Wired Vehicle Tracker is a hardwire-install GPS tracker designed for vehicles like sedans, SUVS/ Trucks, and commercial vehicles. They can even be used on motorcycles, boats, and golf carts. Posting its GPS location every 60 seconds while installed and in motion, the device utilizes Zones (geo-fencing), and other Alert features to provide you peace of mind when it comes to your loved ones and/ or work vehicles and assets.

The PocketFinder CA1150 Wired Vehicle Tracker uses the latest in GPS and LTE cellular technology to provide accurate and timely location data. Because this unit utilizes GPS, it is most accurate when the vehicle is driving in an area free of obstructions (tunnels, cliffs/ mountains, large bodies of water). If the GPS location received is determined to be within 75 meters of where the device physically is, the device will post the GPS location. The device uses LTE cellular signals to send the location data to our servers where you can then view it live via your Online Account or the PocketFinder App. If the device stops registering movement for 5 minutes, it will go into a dormant/ low power Sleep Mode and stop updating. Once it starts registering movement again it will wake up and track, posting every 60 seconds.


*BEFORE INSTALLATION, write down the 10 digit ESN number on the back of the device. You will need this for Activation and your records.

Step 1 – Install the Device

  • Review the Vehicle Device Installation Warnings below Step 3.
  • Connect the RED WIRE (POWER) to a constant +12 volt DC or +24 volt DC battery power voltage. Connect POWER WIRE directly to your car battery or a fuse with constant power. A great location for installation that provides best access to the GPS satellites is inside the dashboard behind the glove box.
  • Connect the BLACK WIRE (GROUND) to the negative/ ground.
  • White wire installation is an optional upgrade. For FLEET Accounts, connect the WHITE WIRE (Ignition) to a fuse or wire that only has power when the ignition is on. This allows tracking of engine on and off in the daily activity report and idle time reporting.
  • Secure device with provided Velcro strip.

* The GPS Antenna must point towards the sky, with the label facing the ground.

* Best install locations are under the dash close to the front windshield or back of the car near the rear window.

* To ensure successful installation, all three LED lights will flash and then become solid as the device powers up and connects to cellular and GPS.

Quick LED Guide

GREEN (GPS) Solid = Properly Powered and Connected to Signals

Flashing = Loss of Signal Connection/ Improper Install

Off = No Power

Amber (Cellular) Solid = Properly Powered and Connected to Signals

Flashing = Loss of Signal Connection/ Improper Install

Off = No Power





  • Engine must be turned off and cool prior to installing the device.
  • Do not place wires anywhere they may overheat.
  • Do not place wires anywhere that may cause them to be cut.
  • If the device is mounted on the inside of your engine compartment, make sure it does not overheat.

Contact Book, Zones, and Alert Set Up:

For the best experience, we recommend setting up the various features on your full online account. Then, use the app for active tracking on the fly. You can be logged into your account online and in the app at the same time, allowing for multiple users to monitor at once.

Contact Book – This is an internal contact book for your account. Once saved, you can set up the features below and pick and choose which contacts are alerted via SMS text and Email.

Zones – Also known as “geo-fences”, Zones are an added level of security. When the digital perimeter is set up, you will be alerted each time the device enters and exits the designated zone area. You can set up as many zones as you like, including zones within zones (around the house, worksite, the whole town). Zones can be made small enough to fit around a standard building and about 500-mile diameter at their largest.

Speed Alert – This feature allows you to set a “maximum speed limit”. When the device registers reaching or passing this speed, it will alert you via SMS Text and/ or Email.

Power Cut Alert – This feature allows you to be alerted when the device stops receiving constant power. This can occur if the car battery dies, red wire is cut, disconnected, or comes loose. If power is cut, the device will then rely on its internal battery, lasting an average of 4 hours so it can continue to track.

Limited Users – Essentially, you can have as many people as you wish logged into your account at once. This can be done online and through the app. When your account is set up, your credentials are for full access. You can provide these credentials to anyone you like, and they can log in with full access like you. With the Limited User option, you create separate credentials that set up the users as “view only”. They have no access to adjust settings but can still receive alerts and view live tracking.

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