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How do I process a return?

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How do I process a return? #

A number of variables are involved with GPS trackers accurately and consistently tracking with the biggest being an understanding of how GPS signals work. Our experienced Customer Care Team is extremely knowledgeable and  is happy to assist you to ensure your experience is great and troubleshoot any issues that you might encounter.
Here’s an online resource: Please email,, to troubleshoot why your tracker isn’t accurately or consistently locating.

Already Activated
If you’ve already activated your tracker and now want to discontinue service or return your device you must contact us to cancel your subscription. Just like a cell phone, your tracker has a SIM card in it that is activated and needs to be turned off or monthly service fee’s will continue.
We don’t have contracts so our customers can suspend service and then reactivate at any time. Service fees are always charged in advance of the month and are not refunded. If you have more than one device we will automatically consolidate billing and charge a prorated service fee amount for devices activated in the middle of a billing cycle. Reactivation fee of $4.95 US per reactivated device will apply.
In order to receive reimbursement for the cost of the device excluding shipping and monthly service fees you must have purchased your tracker from or, our terms and conditions state that the service must be cancelled within 30 days of your purchase date. If you meet this requirement, please contact us and we will provide you details for returning your device with all original packaging and accessories. We must receive the device within 60 days of the original order date.
Return to an Authorized Re-seller
If you’ve purchased from an authorized re-seller you will need to return your device to that seller and are subject to their return policy. If you’ve already activated your device you must contact us and have one of our team members cancel your subscription. We are happy to assist you in regards to warranty replacement.