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We are passionate about inventing revolutionary new technologies. As early pioneers in the Location Based Services industry, Location Based Technologies, Inc. owns intellectual property related to its current and future products.

We are fans of innovators in all fields, but you probably are not surprised to hear that we do not appreciate people infringing upon our intellectual property rights. We are committed to enforcing our intellectual property rights.

We may own more patents than are listed below and have some patents in process. Please consult with a registered patent attorney to learn about the dangers of intellectual property infringement.

The purpose of the information listed below is to provide a simplified introduction to our patent portfolio, but the information below is not all inclusive. Read each patent carefully with the assistance of a registered patent attorney to assess the scope of each patent, including current claims and potential future claims.

Location Based Technologies’ products (for people, pets, and assets including but not restricted to vehicles, packages, shipping containers, and other mobile assets) and its services displaying how people and places are connected are covered by one or more of the following United States patents or pending patents. Location Based Technologies also owns intellectual property outside the United States.