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LBT FLEET Solution

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LBT FLEET Tracking For Business #

Location Based Technologies- PocketFinder successfully designs and develops game changing GPS location devices that enhance the way business is executed today. We pride ourselves on developing products that are easy to use for both consumer and commercial clients. Location Based Technologies achieves these results by being singularly focused and committed to our customer’s success. #

For many of our businesses, utilizing our FLEET service allows them to go above and beyond simply GPS tracking and getting alerts. With an additional interface that contains features proven to help streamline your business, you get even more bang for your buck. #

Perks of FLEET: #

– For Wired Vehicle trackers, FLEET allows you to install the White Wire to Ignition Power. This way, Engine On/ Off times and Idling times are stored and can be downloaded via a report. This has proven to be the #1 way our FLEET businesses have reduced fuel costs. #

– Additional reports include the “Zone Report” (see when every device entered and exited a zone), “Speed Report” (see every time a speed alert triggered), “PTO Report” (power take off for tow trucks using White Wire), and even “Low Battery Reports” for businesses utilizing personal trackers. #

– The Zone Bank allows you to create Zones in a separate hub and assign it to devices as needed. For example: With the standard interface, if you have 10 devices and they all need the same “Home Base” zone, you would have to create that zone on each device. With FLEET, you create the zone in the Zone Bank once and then assign it to devices as needed. #

– Lastly, there is an User Access portal that allows you to pick and choose who has access to what devices. Think of it like a phone tree. Let’s say you have 20 devices. The top boss has full access to all units. The two bosses who report to them get full access to 10 devices each. The supervisors beneath them get full or limited access to 5 devices each, etc. #


FLEET Monthly: $15.95 per unit     FLEET Annual: $175 per unit #

Interested in FLEET tracking with LBT PocketFinder? We would love to discuss all we can do to serve you and your business. Reach out to Support today to schedule a walk-through. If you feel FLEET is what you need, we can offer the first 30 days of FLEET service at the consumer rate. When the 30 days are up, you choose if you wish to continue with FLEET or revert to “Standard”. #


VOICE MAIL LINE: (866) 726-7543 #