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PocketFinder Smart LTE

PocketFinder LTE Smart Tracker First Locate #


Once you have successfully activated your PocketFinder LTE Smart Tracker, just follow the steps below to start tracking!


Getting Started

  • Plug your device in to charge for 3 hours to ensure it downloads any initial updates out of the box. The LED will go solid Blue and go off once fully charged.
  • After charging, take your device out for a walk. Open the app and refresh the screen to watch your device update its location while on the walk per your settings.
  • Initiate SOS while on the walk per the steps below to ensure the emergency locate mode tracks properly
  • Congratulations! Your device is now ready for use. Read our other articles to learn more about all the features of your PocketFinder LTE Smart Tracker!

SOS: SOS in an emergency tracking mode performed by the person wearing the device. To enact SOS, press the RED button on the device once for 3 seconds. The LED will then go solid RED. This will have the device exit whatever state it is in and start GPS locating. SOS will last 5 minutes and the device will track as much as it can in that 5 minute period. After that point, the LED will briefly go GREEN then off. At that point, SOS will end and the device will continue on with its set Power Mode.

We also recommend reviewing the User Guide and Interface Instructions before full use.