Service Plans/ How Billing Works #

Location Based Technologies- PocketFinder has several subscription plans available so you can choose which works best for your needs. Please reach out to Support with any questions or concerns you may have regarding billing.

For a full list of Covered Countries, please visit our How It Works page HERE. For PocketFinder, the US, US Territories, Canada, and Mexico are considered “Domestic”. All other covered countries/ regions are considered “International”.


Monthly Service Plans

Domestic: $12.95 per device

Business FLEET: $15.95 per device

International: $19.95 per device

Monthly service is based on your activation date. For example, if you activate on the 12th, your bill date will be the 12th of each month.

Monthly service is a flat rate that prepays for the 30 days ahead. It is not based on usage as data is unlimited. As long as the device is activated, monthly billing will occur.

PocketFinder is non-contract so you can cancel mid-month if need be, but we do not refund for unused monthly service.


Discounted Prepaid Service Plans

Domestic Biannual: $75  – This is the prepay option for Personal Trackers

Domestic Annual: $129 – This is the prepay option for Vehicle Trackers

FLEET Annual: $175 – This is the prepay option for FLEET Business Accounts

Prepaid service can be chosen at the time of activation or be applied by sending a request to Support if currently Monthly.

Prepaid service is a flat rate that covers 6 or 12 months of service, saving money in the long run when compared to Monthly.

Prepaid subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the term unless requested otherwise by the customer.


PocketFinder is non-contract so you can cancel at any time. If within the first 3 months of the Biannual plan or within the first 6 months of the Annual plan, PocketFinder will refund you for the unused service. Once past these cutoffs, PocketFinder will not refund for the unused service.