Smart Tracker Troubleshooting

PocketFinder LTE Smart Troubleshooting Guide #

Thank you for being a PocketFinder customer! We are sorry for any trouble you are experiencing with your PocketFinder LTE Smart Tracker.

The questions and steps below are a proven method to get the PF Smart Tracker properly functioning once more. If after performing the steps your device is still not behaving properly, Support will have all the necessary details to escalate the issue so it is resolved in a timely manner. Just answer the questions below and follow the Troubleshooting steps and Support will start reviewing once you reply with your responses.

***Before following the steps below, please make sure to also confirm the following to Support:

When was the last time the device was charged?

How is the device being carried/ stored?

Is the user wearing the device at this time?

Can you confirm the user is on the move?

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Plug the device in to charge. From your account, change the Power Mode interval to 4 minutes and note the time you plugged the device in to charge.

2. When plugged in to charge, does the LED on the device turn solid BLUE? If yes, note that down and proceed to step 3. If the LED does not illuminate when plugged in to charge, please try a different power source. If still no power, try a different charging cable. If still no power, take note of this and proceed to step 3.

3. Leave the device plugged in to charge for 1 hour.

4. After charging, take outside for a 15 minute walk and note the time and route taken.

5. While on the walk, does the device automatically update its location every 4 minutes? (Be sure if viewing from the app you are clicking the refresh button to view any new data that has come in.) If yes, reach out to support with the details for review.

6. If the device is not updating on its own, enact SOS by holding down the RED button on the device for 3 seconds. Does the LED go solid RED? If properly enacted it should stay solid RED for 5 minutes while the device tracks. After 5 minutes, the LED will briefly go solid GREEN, then off. If tracking and this LED pattern occurs, your device is now ready for regular use!

7. If the LED flashes RED when SOS is enacted, that indicates the device is unable to connect with the PocketFinder servers due to a gap in LTE coverage. If the LED goes solid RED but after 5 minutes never turns GREEN/ off, that indicates a signal is stuck and Tech will need to clear it from their end. If no LED illuminates, it may be that your device is not properly charging.

Once all the necessary steps have been completed and questions answered, reply here with the results and Support will quickly work to resolve your issue.

Light Status and Definitions

Solid Blue Properly charging
Flashing Blue Battery level below 20%
No Blue (Plugged In) No charge; check cable and power source
Solid Red (5 Min) SOS properly initiated
Solid Red (Over 5 Min) Stuck signal; reach out to Support
Flashing Red No viable LTE cellular signal
Solid Green SOS has ended
Flashing Green Device communicating with servers