“Teen Driver” App Walk Through (iOS) – PocketFinder LTE

“Teen Driver” App Walk Through (iOS)

Welcome to the PocketFinder iOS (Apple) App Guide specifically for “Teen Driver” customers! In this guide, we’ll walk through the App page by page with detailed explanations. With over 10 years under our belt, our App is designed based on customer feedback and what we have seen works best for our customers. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions please reach out to Support at customerservice@pocketfinder.com and provide screenshots if necessary.

Introductory Disclaimers

***As many people as you wish can download the app and be logged in with your credentials at the same time. Just note, they will have full access like you and the ability to adjust settings.

***If you just activated your unit but not installed and calibrated, you will not see it locating on the Dashboard (Map) when first logging in.

***The app only allows for 1 Email and 1 Phone Number to be selected for notifications on each Alert. We recommend setting up Alerts via the Online Interface as you will be able to choose as many contacts as you wish to receive alert notifications.

Login Page

After activating your unit via the website, you are now able to log in via the app! Login using the Email and Password credentials you set up during activation.

Dashboard (Map)

Once logged in, you will be brought to a large Map which also works as your home screen. If the device is installed and calibrated you will see the latest location information on the map. 

In the top right corner you will see green arrows forming a circle. This is the “Refresh” button. While the device will update its location every 60 seconds while installed and driven, the App does not automatically refresh to display that information. Clicking this button will refresh the screen so if a new location has registered, you can see it.

Below the Refresh button is another button that looks like a folded map. Clicking this will allow you to adjust the type of map you are seeing (default, satellite or hybrid) so you can choose what view you like best.

At the bottom of the screen are your main tabs.

Alerts Tab

After proper set up, as Alerts occur, they will publish here along with sending SMS text and Email notifications for your records. 

Clicking a specific Alert bubble will bring you to a zoomed in map page showing you where and when the Alert occurred. Clicking the “i” on the red timestamp bubble will bring up even more details. Click the back arrow in the upper left corner to go back to the Alerts tab.

Clicking “Edit” in the upper right corner will allow you to delete specific alerts on this page by clicking the red bubble. Or, you can clear all alerts from the page clicking ‘Clear All’ in the upper right hand corner. 

Note– Deleting the Alert from this page does not delete anything from History. This is more for you to have as a record when reviewing with your teenage driver. Once reviewed, you can delete them.

Device List

This page will bring up a list of all active units on your account. The latest location timestamp and battery level can be quickly viewed here as well. 

Clicking the white bubble with your device details will then bring you to the Device Page where you set up Alerts. (Tip: Scroll down on this page to “Contacts” section to read how to quickly create your account’s internal contact book before setting up Alerts)

Device Page

This page provides you with the latest location data, a zoomed in map, and various tabs for setting up the alerts and utilizing other features.

Tip: The green “Create Zone Here” button is designed to instantly create a zone around the latest device location. This is best used on temporary zones created last minute. For permanent zones, we recommend following the full set up below.


This page is where you can view your device’s tracking history. Locations are on a rolling 60 day history meaning after 60 calendar days, the location history will be deleted from the system. 

When first opened, it will bring you to the date the device last tracked and a zoomed in map showing a location bubble for the hour the device most recently located

Clicking the “i” will bring you specifically to that hour of History and display all locations that occurred. Clicking the “i” in those bubbles will give you more details on the specific location.

In the scroll bar above, you can either click the arrows to see +/- 1 hour or click the gray rectangle with the time frame and scroll and choose an hour to view.

Click the back button in the upper left corner to go to the main History page

Once there you can click the green arrows in the scroll bar to see +/- 1 day or click the gray rectangle with the date and navigate the calendar drop down.


This page allows you to set up circular geo-fences (zones) so you can be alerted when the device exits and enters these areas. 

Click the green Add new Zone button. This will bring you to a zoomed out map. We recommend typing in the address in the top bar and clicking the blue “search” button on your phone’s keypad. 

This will zoom in the map over the address and position the pin (center of zone) at that address. It will also properly shrink the zone. Using the slide bar, shrink more if necessary or even increase the size if necessary. We recommend giving a bit of a buffer to cut down on false alerts (you can always come back and edit the size again later if needed).

Drag the tab with “Name” and “Size” up. Fill out the name and leave the Type as Enter & Exit (recommended).

Clicking Email and then SMS, you can choose one contact from your phone or from your internal PocketFinder contact book to be notified when the device locates entering or exiting the zone.

We recommend leaving the schedule on the default settings (24/7) to ensure you can receive a zone alert at any time. For example, if you set it to be only 9-5 and they leave the zone at 5:01, you will not be alerted.

Click “Save” in the upper right hand corner to save the zone and be brought back to the main zone page. If you need to delete a zone, click “Edit” and then the red dot next to the zone in question. Just clicking the zone will bring you back to the page where you can edit.

Speed Limit

When set up, a Speed Alert will trigger if the device registers going X mph over the posted speed limit on the road being driven.

Clicking “Exceed Speed Limit Alert’, you can choose to be alerted if the vehicle registers going 5,10, 15, or 20 mph over the posted speed limit for the road it is driving on. 

Clicking Email and then SMS, you can choose one contact from your phone or from your internal PocketFinder contact book to be notified when the alert occurs.

Once selected, click ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner and then click back to the device page.

Driver Behavior

Here, you will set up the 3-in-1 Driver Behavior Alerts (Harsh Braking, Harsh Turns, and Rapid Acceleration). 

Click the toggle next to “Driver Behavior Notification” so it shows green.

Clicking Email and then SMS, you can choose one contact from your phone or from your internal PocketFinder contact book to be notified when one of these alerts occurs.

Once selected, click ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner and then click back to the device page.

Power Management

Here, you will set up Power Cut notifications. This way if the device is removed or the car battery dies, you can be immediately notified. If unplugged and re-installed, a “Power Restore” alert will be sent as well. 

Click the toggle next to “Power Cut Notification” so it shows green.

Clicking Email and then SMS, you can choose one contact from your phone or from your internal PocketFinder contact book to be notified when this alert occurs.

Once selected, click ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner and then click back to the device page


When your device is first activated, its “name” will also be the Device ID (Activation Code).

On this screen, you can change the Device Name to whatever you like! The ‘Device ID’ cannot be amended and will stay stored there for your records.

Once the name is updated, click ‘Save’ in the upper right hand corner and then click back to the device page

Calibrate Device

This page is for when you are Calibrating the unit. This is used after activation and setting up your device. It can also be used if the device was removed or lost power. Just be sure to follow the full installation and calibration steps before pressing. 

If accidentally pressed, we recommend unplugging the unit, then following the install and calibration steps once more like when you first set up the unit.

In the upper left corner, press the back arrow until you are back to the Device List page. Then Click ‘Account’ at the bottom.


This page is for those “behind the scenes” settings and details that apply to your whole account. 

In the upper right hand corner, you can choose to log out of the app at any time. It does not affect tracking or device performance. 

Account Holder

This provides the details used to set up the account. 

While you can adjust these details, the email used for logging in can only be adjusted/ amended by Support. These Account Holder details show on our end as well if we ever need to proactively reach out to you.


Here is where you create your PocketFinder’s internal contact book. We find this makes it easier to choose contacts when setting up alerts. Likewise, this internal contact book is for your full account, not just your app interface. So, once the Online Interface is released, you will have these contacts stored and ready to apply to any alerts you have set up.

Click the green “Add New Contact” and fill out the details (Home Phone is not necessary as we do not contact home phones; that is for your own records). Once entered, click Save in the upper right hand corner. You can then go back to the Contact page and repeat as many times as necessary.

Limited Users

This allows you to create “View Only” sub account(s). This is for people you are okay with monitoring the tracking, but you do not want them to have access to adjust settings/ alerts or any other features. They can only view the live tracking as it occurs. 

We recommend creating a singular Limited User account if needed. Then, provide those credentials to anyone you wish as multiple people can be logged in at once with the same credentials.

Click the green ‘Add New Limited User’ button and start filling out the details, clicking ‘Save’ when finished.

IMPORTANT – The “Email” and “User ID” cannot match the Email/ Username used when you Activated the account. This will make the full account a limited user and will require Support to fix.

IMPORTANT – You must toggle the button next to your device so it shows green. If you do not do this, once saved, the Limited User account will be created, but there will be no device to view.

Privacy Policy

This brings you out of the app and to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on our website.

Support/ FAQs

This gives you the option to leave the app and visit our website’s support page.

Change Password

You can update your secure password at any time! Just be sure to click “Save” before leaving the screen. 

Speed Unit

This is where you can choose if you want the device speed displayed in Miles Per Hour or Kilometers Per Hour.