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Update Credit Card

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Update Payment Information #

PocketFinder makes it easy for you to update your payment details! Following the steps below, you can update your billing information at any time.

Currently, PocketFinder is Credit Card/ Debit Card based. For businesses or those with specialized payment needs, we can set up ACH Transfer or Personal Check, but there are stipulations and approval needed by PocketFinder Management.

If payment fails, our system will automatically send a notification email with instructions. If the credit card is not updated after 2 weeks, Support will then call and email you several times to get your payment information up to date and process the payment owed. If there is no response/ update, service will be suspended with the risk of a $12.95 reactivation fee per device.


For FLEET customers, please send an email to Support HERE or leave a voicemail at 866-726-7543 to update payment over the phone directly into our system.


***Please note payment cannot be updated via the App***

  1. Log into your account from https://pocketfinder.net/NewLoginPage.aspx
  2. Click on the My Account tab
  3. Choose Account Billing
  4. Enter your complete credit card information and click “Save Updated Billing Info”
  5. Reach out to Support HERE or leave a voicemail at 866-726-7543 to confirm everything saved properly