Zones Tab – PocketFinder LTE
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Zones Tab #

The third tab on your Device Toolbar is the ZonesTab.

To access, create, and adjust zones, Click on the Zone tab on your Device Toolbar

The Zone screen allows you to create, view, and adjust Zones (geo-fences). You can create as many zones as you like, including zones within zones. Our zones are round to allow for maximum volume as well as cut down on false alerts. The smallest a zone can be is your standard family home while at its largest can be 500 miles in diameter.

Zones are a digital barrier you create that is tied to your specific device. When properly set, you and anyone else you choose will receive an alert as the device is tracked exiting or entering the zone. This ensures you are always aware of your device activity, even if you are not currently looking at your account.

At the top of the Zone map, you will see Create A Zone, Find, and My Zones. First, we will go over the Find and My Zones buttons.


Your Home

Following the Create A Zone steps below, this will designate this specific zone as the “home base” zone.

Your Device

Clicking this will bring the map to your device’s last location. This way, if it last tracked where you need a zone, you can then follow the steps below to create a zone at that location.

An Address

This lets you proactively search out an address/ area for setting up zones. It’s also helpful if you have numerous zones and cannot remember the name of one but remember the address. Entering the address will bring the map there.

My Zones

Clicking this will bring up a list of every zone you have saved on your device. This allows you to toggle between your zones and quickly adjust or delete as needed.

When you click on a zone, the map will bring you to that zone, zoomed in. Depending how close other zones are you will see them on the map as well. But, the zone you clicked on the list will be centered.


Create A Zone

Click on Create a Zone

Enter in the Address of where you would like the zone to be. Or, if the map is already showing where you want, click on the map to mark the center of the zone.

If the center of the zone (the blue dot) is where you would like the center of your zone, click- The Zone is where I want it (green button)

If the center is off and not where you want it, click the mouse to where you would like the center of the zone to be. Then click The Zone is where I want it.

**Please Note: Zone size is partially determined in this step. The closer the map is zoomed in, the smaller the zone will be over-all. So, when you increase the size later, it will still be relatively small. Likewise, if you are zoomed out on the map when setting your zone center, the overall  size of the zone will be larger. We recommend skewing larger with zones rather than smaller to prevent false alarms.

Use the slider to set your initial zone size (you can always adjust it later).

Click Set my zone size.

Zone Name: Whatever you would like (Home, Store, Church, Grandpa’s House, etc)

Zone Type: Set for ‘On Enter and Exit’. We always recommend Enter and Exit to ensure you are always properly alerted. If you believe your needs call for Enter Only or Exit Only, we recommend reaching out to Support for a quick review.

Notification Contact: Check mark the phone numbers and emails you want notified when a zone alert occurred. These contacts are from your Contact Book.

Notification Schedule: Make sure ‘Always Active’ is check marked. You can set a different schedule (9:00 am – 5:00 pm for example). But that means if the device leaves the zone at 5:01 pm, you will not be notified. Always Active or 12:00 am -12:00 am ensures the zone is always active.

Add a Contact: In the event contact info is not in your contact book but you want to add a person to receive alerts for this specific zone, you can add them here.

Click ‘Save and Finish’

Click on ‘My Zones’

Click on the button with the zone name you just created

From there, adjust the zone size to what you would like.

Click ‘Update Your Zone’

**Please Note: Building and housing materials interfere with GPS signals. If your zone is too small, you could get false alerts from the location skewing due to interference. Our friendly Customer Support Team is always happy to assist with Zones when needed!