How it Works




  • PocketFinder receives GPS location data from multiple satellites or triangulation of multiple Wi-Fi signals through Google’s Wi-Fi Touch.
  • PocketFinder sends GPS location as frequently as every 60 seconds Vehicle and 10 seconds PocketFinder Smart Tracker through the cellular network.
  • Cellular carrier sends encrypted data to PocketFinder servers.
  • Customer logs into secure account using smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Customer can manage all PocketFinder features through the app.
  • When PocketFinder goes in or out of zone, Alert is sent via email & push notification.

Recent App update for “Teen Driver” now includes alerts for driver behavior and speed alerts are now set for mph/kph over the posted speed limit!

Service Plan

Coverage Areas


Vehicle Trackers have new expanded coverage & shipping availability!

North America
USA / Puerto Rico

Central America
Costa Rica (Vehicle only)
El Salvador (Vehicle only)
Guatemala (Vehicle only)
Honduras (Vehicle only)
Nicaragua (Vehicle only)
Panama (Vehicle only)

South America
Argentina (Vehicle only)
Bolivia (Vehicle only)
Brazil (Vehicle only)
Chile (Vehicle only)
Colombia (Vehicle only)
Paraguay (Vehicle only)
Peru (Vehicle only)

Middle East/Africa
Egypt (Vehicle only)
Israel (Vehicle only)
Jordan (Vehicle only)
Saudi Arabia (Vehicle only)
UAE (Vehicle only)

India, Asia Pacific
Australia (Vehicle only)
New Zealand (Vehicle only)
Philippines (Vehicle only)

China (coming soon)
Singapore (coming soon)

Bahamas (Vehicle only)
Barbados (Vehicle only)
Bermuda (Vehicle only)
Virgin Islands (Vehicle only)
Cayman Islands (Vehicle only)
Dominican Republic (Vehicle only)
Jamaica (Vehicle only)
St Kitts, Lucia & Martin (Vehicle only)

Austria (Vehicle only)
Belgium (Vehicle only)
Denmark (Vehicle only)
Finland (Vehicle only)
France (Vehicle only)
Germany (Vehicle only)
Greece (Vehicle only)
Hungary (Vehicle only)
Iceland (Vehicle only)
Ireland (Vehicle only)
Italy (Vehicle only)
Luxembourg (Vehicle only)
Malta (Vehicle only)
Netherlands (Vehicle only)
Norway (Vehicle only)
Poland (Vehicle only)
Portugal (Vehicle only)
Spain (Vehicle only)
Sweden (Vehicle only)
Switzerland (Vehicle only)
United Kingdom (Vehicle only)

Getting Started

Download FREE Mobile App

The Pocketfinder App is available through Google Play or App Store and is compatible with select Android and Apple IOS devices.

Everything to manage your PocketFinder GPS Tracker can be done using a mobile App.

Activate Your Tracker

From the homepage, click on “Activate” and follow instructions for creating an account and activating your PocketFinder. Multiple devices can be activated to one account.

PocketFinder will achieve the best GPS results where there is no dense material like metal or cement that may interfere with the GPS Signal.

Log into Your Account

Access your account through the mobile App or through any web browser.  Upload or take a picture for your device icon, create geo-fence zones, set up alerts and add other users who may need access to view PocketFinder location info.

Start Tracking

A common question that we get is “How long does the battery last for the Smart Tracker?” Please click here for more information on battery life!