Changing Tomorrow

Using technology and science, we can change the current accident trends and foster a positive and proactive relationship between teens and parents. Help keep your teen driver safe, while improving their driving skills and deflecting peer pressure towards risky driving behavior.

Current Situation

The most dangerous driving time is late afternoon/ early evening, with Saturday being the deadliest day of the week. Most teen drivers’ accidents are due to distractions, speeding, and peer pressure. Utilizing the science and technology of PocketFinder will play a significant role in improving their driving habits and safety on the road.

  1. Car crashes ending with teen deaths result in nearly $4.8 BILLION in medical and work-loss costs annually.

    Up to 258,000 teens are injured in car crashes annually, requiring emergency room visits.

    Up to 2,400 teens in the US are killed in car accidents annually.

    Teen drivers represent about 6.4% of total drivers but account for 8% of ALL fatal accidents.• Most fatal teen accidents happen just 6 months after getting their license.

Solution Starts with You

Now is the perfect time to be proactive and continue your new driver’s development. 

PocketFinder’s objective, much like your own, is to motivate America’s (and of course the world’s) parents to action when it comes to the safety of our teen drivers. We are dedicated to providing an effective solution to help shape good driving behaviors and habits that save lives.

PocketFinder’s Teen Driver tracking solution is a high-value tool for both parents and teen drivers. Driver’s Ed may have ended, but there is still more to learn. Now, you as a parent can virtually “be in the car” with your new driver. They receive real-time behavior correcting beeps; you receive alerts to then provide context and further coaching to help sharpen life-saving skills.