My Account Toolbar

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My Account Tab #

The last tab on the Account Toolbar is the My Account Tab.

The My Account Tab includes four subsections that help you customize and control your account and your subscription.


You can easily change your current password by following the steps below. If you cannot remember your current password, please contact our Customer Care Team and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 1: Click Change Password

Step 2: Enter your current password

Step 3: Enter your new password

Step 4: Enter your new password again in the Confirm Password field

Step 5: Click Save


It is easy to add additional email addresses and phone numbers to receive email and SMS alerts. You can add as many contacts as you would like. Adding contacts to the Contact Book will allow you to select them at a later point when setting up your Alert features.

Step 1: Click on Contact Book

Step 2: Click the green link + add a new contact

Step 3: Fill in desired fields and click Save


If you need to update your payment method for your subscription, this option is also available in the My Account Tab.

Step 1: Click on Account Billing

Step 2: Fill in the required fields and click Save Your Updated Billing Information

Please Note: Once you click the green save button, the fields will go blank. This is a security feature for your data privacy.


Please contact our Customer Care Team to make changes to your subscription. You can send an email to Support HERE or leave a voicemail at 866-726-7543. We can help you set up a prepaid subscription, reactivate your service, add international service, and cancel/ suspend your service.

*Your subscription charges appear on your card statement as: Location Based Tech (866) 726-7543