Return/ Refund Process – PocketFinder LTE

Return/ Refund Process

Return for Refund Terms and Conditions #

The Return Process only applies to devices purchased directly from PocketFinder as we do not have any Authorized Resellers for these products at this time.

For ALL PocketFinder models, the Return period is the first 30 days of purchase, not activation. If you cannot remember when you purchased, Support can look up that information.

To request a Return for Refund, send an email to Support HERE or leave a voicemail at 866-726-7543.

If you are experiencing any trouble we will always offer assistance and testing steps before proceeding with the Return. We know our customers buy our devices for earnest reasons as we use them on our own loved ones. Support is always happy to schedule walk-throughs as we know there is always a learning curve with any new technology.

But, if you are within the first 30 days of purchase and still wish/ need to Return, Support will seek Management approval.

Once approved, Support will send you the Return instructions and completed form. If service was activated, billing and the subscription will be canceled. PocketFinder does not refund for the first month of service ($12.95) or for the original Shipping & Handling. If you initially chose a prepaid subscription option, you will be refunded the subscription cost less one month ($12.95).

We recommend returning the device with a tracking number to ensure delivery as we do not provide return labels. We must receive your device back within 60 days of the Order Date. Once we confirm there is no physical damage to the device, we will refund you the hardware cost.