PocketFinder Original Locator

Original PocketFinder 2G Personal Tracker #


The 2G Original PocketFinder Personal Tracker was first manufactured in 2009 and stopped being sold in 2016. It was the first product that PocketFinder offered and was fully manufactured in-house!

Because this device is 2G, it stopped being viable in the US at the end of 2016. If you are in the US and just purchased this device somewhere online, we recommend returning it for a refund and ordering our LTE Smart Tracker.

If you are in Canada, Mexico, or a covered international country, 2G is still technically a viable network. But, we stopped selling these devices in 2016. These devices are no longer covered by Warranty. This means if you activate and it does not work, we cannot refund or replace for free. We do not have any Authorized Resellers set up for this product.

If you have been using this device and it is now no longer working, we recommend reaching out to Support HERE about upgrading to the newest version of our personal tracker at a discounted rate!