Identification Tab – PocketFinder LTE

Identification Tab

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Identification Tab #

The sixth and final tab on your Device Toolbar is the Identification Settings tab

The Identification Tab is for setting the device icon image and giving your device a personalized nickname.

Select an Icon for Your Device

Upon activation, the default image for your device is a stock image . But, PocketFinder gives you the option to customize your Icon image.

Click ‘Click here to view a list of icons to choose from’ to bring up a variety of stock images that PocketFinder provides.

Or, you can Upload your own photo to personalize it. **Please Note: Photos may not contain nudity, violent or offensive material, or copyrighted images. If you violate these terms your photo may be deleted. Photos must be less than 5MB and in either GIF or JPG format.

Click Choose File

From there, go to your saved images and double click to select the image you want.

Click Upload

Next, you will crop the image. Using your mouse, you can click and drag the small box to fit around the image you want.

Click Crop & Save to save the image as your new device icon!

General Device Information

When you Click on General Device Information, three fields will appear: Device Nickname, Name, and Last Name.

The Device Nickname field will automatically be your device’s Activation Code/ IMEI. While this is saved in the back end, you have the option to personalize the Nickname on your end as this is what shows when actively tracking the device.

Many customers choose to personalize the Nickname and then put the activation code in the Name field so they always have it handy.

Once you update the Nickname and/ or Name, Click Save to save the changes you made.