AL11 LTE Wired Vehicle Troubleshooting Guide

AL11 LTE Wired Vehicle Troubleshooting Guide #

The AL11 LTE Wired Vehicle Tracker Model is the current model being sold by PocketFinder. This device has 3 LEDs and the Activation Code is the IMEI.

If your wired vehicle tracker has 2 LEDs and an ESN Code, please review the CA1150 Model articles.


We are sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your AL11 LTE Wired Vehicle Tracker.

In order to best assist you, please first answer the following questions. We have provided an LED and Wire Guide below the questions.

Once you have your responses, please reach out to Support via the Contact Form for a timely and productive response.

  1. Is the device installed?
  2. Can you see the device icon on your account? What is the last reported location data?
  3. What is the Device Activation Code (IMEI) or Nickname you have given your device?
  4. May we change your account password temporarily to locate until the issue is resolved or would you prefer to give us your current password?
  5. In what state/ city or region is the device being used?
  6. Where specifically in the vehicle is the device installed and what type of vehicle is it?
  7. Is the vehicle currently moving? If not, when was it last driven?
  8. Where is the vehicle currently? For example, is it in a garage or outdoors with a clear unobstructed view of the sky?
  9. Reading the LED Guide below, what are the lights on the device showing? We recommend taking the device for a short drive then immediately reviewing the LEDs.
  10. Reading the Wire Guide below, are the device wires properly installed/ connected?



Wire Guide

SOLID RED Constant Power
SOLID BLACK Negative/ Ground
SOLID WHITE Ignition Power (FLEET Customer Only)


Full LED Light Guide


SOLID GREEN Receiving Proper Power
GREEN OFF Sleep/ Dormant. If moving, no power at all
STEADY GREEN FLASH Disconnected from constant power; running on internal battery
RAPID FLASH GREEN Sleep if using FLEET White Wire
SOLID BLUE Actively communicating with servers
RAPID FLASH BLUE Searching for viable LTE signal
DOUBLE FLASH BLUE Connecting to viable LTE signal
STEADY FLASH BLUE Error with SIM. Alert Support Right Away
BLUE OFF Cell module off
RED SOLID GPS acquired and sent to servers
RED FLASH Searching for GPS
RED OFF GPS module off