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Locate Tab #

Now that we have learned how to navigate your Account Toolbar, it is time to learn the Device Toolbar! To access your Device Toolbar start on the Dashboard screen on your Account Toolbar.

From the Dashboard screen on the Account Toolbar, simply Click on any of your device icons either from the Device Icon List View or the Device Icon on the map. This will bring you to the Device Toolbar’s Locate screen.

Device Toolbar – Locate Tab

The first tab on your Device Toolbar is your Locate Tab.

The Locate Tab allows you to see more detailed information about the most recent location data for the specific device you selected. Look to the right-hand side of the map to view the most recent location data.

Green Track Mode Button (PF+ Only)

Track Mode is a similar emergency locate mode to SOS, but is enacted by you, the person monitoring. It can also be found under the Power Mode tab on your app. When selected, a command is sent to the servers saying, “the next time the device checks in, locate for 5 minutes straight.” So, if in the middle of 3 minutes tracking, it will check in quickly and extend out tracking another 5 minutes; if in rest, within 2 minutes it will check in and locate. If in Sleep Mode, the device is not checking in. So, Track Mode will not initiate until the device wakes up from Sleep Mode and checks in.

Green Locate Button (2G Original Personal Tracker Only)

Clicking the green Locate button will tell the device to connect to the system prior to the next scheduled location. If the device is in a structure with a poor signal or is stationary (not moving) it may not update again until the device is moved. The device is designed to locate when it is outside and moving with clear wireless and satellite signals. This button can help if it is struggling.

Last Update

On the right-hand side of the map you can see the last time the device connected with the wireless network. The Last Update field may say Sleep Mode if the device has not moved for 20 minutes. Sleep Mode allows your device to conserve the battery until the next time the device is moving.

Approximate Location

The most recent satellite connection appears under Approximate Location. Here you will see the approximate address of the device the last time it connected with GPS satellites or WiFi Touch.

Other Information

You can also view the speed of travel if the device was moving in MPH or Km/H for Vehicle Trackers. There is also the cardinal direction under Heading, the Altitude, and the Latitude and Longitude for all device models.


At the bottom right corner of this menu you can also see the current Battery setting and recent wireless and satellite information. If the device last updated on the charger you will see Charging. The vehicle should always show 100%. If it does not, it may not be properly connected. Contact Customer Service if needed.

If the device is not on the charger you will see the battery percentage like the image below. This image shows that the battery was at 95% the last time the device connected. Keep in mind that if the device has not moved and updated the location for several days and has not been charged again, the battery may actually be lower than shown. The battery information updates when the device updates the location information. We recommend charging your device every night to ensure that you have a full battery each day.

Satellite and Cellular Bar Colors

Green: Actively has a solid connection; most likely actively tracking.

Blue: Not actively communicating and in Sleep Mode.

Red: Unable to connect to GPS/ Cellular. Signals may be blocked by structures/ gaps in cellular coverage in that area.