Warranty Process

Warranty Terms and Conditions #

The Warranty Process only applies to devices purchased directly from PocketFinder as we do not have any Authorized Resellers for these products at this time.

For PocketFinder Personal Trackers (2G, PF+, LTE Smart), the Warranty period is the first 6 months of purchase, not activation. If you cannot remember when you purchased, Support can look up that information.

For PocketFinder Wired Vehicle Trackers (2G through LTE) and Teen Driver, the Warranty period is the first 12 months of purchase, not activation. If you cannot remember when you purchased, Support can look up that information.

If you believe your device is not working properly, please be sure you have first reviewed the User Guide for your specific device model.

If the device is not performing per the user guide, the next step is to look up the Troubleshooting Steps on the Support Page. Carefully read and follow all instructions for your device model, taking careful notes where asked.

Then, send an email to Support HERE. You can also leave a voicemail at 866-726-7543, but we kindly ask you to provide the results of your testing in writing as well.

Support will review the details you have provided and compare it with the raw data behind the scenes to make an initial determination of what’s occurring. At that point they will reach out to either clear up any confusion, provide additional testing steps for you, or confirm the issue and that the Warranty process has been approved.

If/ when a Warranty is approved, Support will stop billing and service on the device, send you the completed form, and the instructions for sending your device back to PocketFinder. We recommend returning the device with a tracking number to ensure delivery as we do not provide return labels.

Upon receiving your device back, we will test the device in-house. If we find the device is defective, we will replace it with a new unit. You will not need to activate the replacement device as we send these devices tested, activated, and added to your account with the newest firmware. Once you receive it back, just charge up or install the unit and then take it out and about to start tracking.

If we find the device is working properly or if there is any physical damage, we will return the device to you and you can choose to start up service again or not.

Within the Warranty Period, LBT will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts or labor, provided that the customer shall be responsible for any transportation charges. LBT retains the exclusive right to repair or replace the device with a new or newly-refurbished replacement product.